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Asthma attacking you – Read this

Asthma is a condition which affects small tubes that carry air in and out of lungs. When a person with asthma comes in touch with something that upsets their air passage, the muscles around their air passage toughens and starts to swell leading to unconsciousness and coughing. Research has proven that smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of child getting asthma. Asthma attack can occur when you are exposed to asthma triggers like tobacco smoke,…
Air is an occupied space in which there are contaminants in concentrations leading to exposure that pose a significant health risk. Indoor as well as outdoor air quality equally contributes to the load of illness from asthma and other respiratory problems in children. Children are more likely to be hospitalized due to respiratory problems. Children’s spend 80% of their time indoors and are exposed to indoor air pollutants. The unfavorable respiratory effects range from sore…

Rita – Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies

Fed up with the increasing cost of Cleaning & Hygiene products and looking to reduce it without negotiating on quality, we can provide you with complete range of cleaning and hygiene products. Our range of cleaning, hygiene and adjuvant products is wide enough to satisfy the necessities of most business sectors. Whatever you need, we can provide you at the right price and at the right time. We sell our consumers what they need, and…
Considering our expertise in retailing cleaning & hygiene products, we have been able to provide our customers with a worthy range of wipers. These are made using premium quality components. When you need an absorbent, wypall range has a solution to meet your needs. Selecting the right wipers for the task will improve safety & save money as well as time. It will help professional to do their cleaning job efficiently and comfortably. Its…

How to get rid of bad odor?


Every place contains a variety of odors, both good as well as bad. Unpleasant odors around the place can make it unfriendly. It would be very nice if you enjoy pleasant, cool and fresh air whenever you enter your home or workplace. Of course, everyone wants their place to smell better. It actually does not take much time for a place to start generating unpleasant odors such as a pet or a smoker…