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  • Jon Stone

    Jon Stone

    Penetrating Sealer

    JON STONE impregnates and protects porous and ceramic stone floors(artificial or natural, smooth or rough), e.g. Terrazzo, sandstone, marble, unglazed ceramic, concrete, granite, quarry tile. It penetrates into the stone & does not alter appearance of the floor. It hinders soil and water penetration but allows vapours to escape.

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  • Softcare Plus

    Softcare Plus

    Disinfectant cleanser

    SOFTCARE PLUS is an antimicrobial skin cleanser which helps reduce the risk of food contamination or cross-infection.

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  • Rozalex Industrial

    Rozalex Industrial

    industrial Handwash

    ROZALEX INDUSTRIAL is a heavy duty skin cleanser formulated to safely & efficiently remove industrial grime,oil & grease from hands. An effective product for use in factories, workshops & service stations.

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  • Clax Sonril

    Clax Sonril

    Liquid Destainer for use at high temperature(750C+)

    CLAX SONRIL is a liquid laundry oxygen bleach based on stabilised hydrogen peroxide that is formulated for bleaching during the mainwash at temperatures above 750C. It is a softer destainer for use on coloured linen.

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  • J-Fill Select

    J-Fill Select

    J-FILL SELECT the wall mounted, lockable stainless steel cabinet helps eliminate unwanted cartridge removal. It occupies no floor space and its wide windows provide instant product identification. J fill select allows you to choose from four different J Fill products with the turn of a dial. Simply select the product you desire,choose the filling option and push the button to dispense. With J Fill in use, overuse of the products is virtually impossible.>

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  • Knight


    KNIGHT chemical proportioning system is a masterpiece of design engineering and innovation. It allows single or 4 products dilution & has an option of bucket filling or bottle filling.

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