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Air is an occupied space in which there are contaminants in concentrations leading to exposure that pose a significant health risk. Indoor as well as outdoor air quality equally contributes to the load of illness from asthma and other respiratory problems in children. Children are more likely to be hospitalized due to respiratory problems. Children’s spend 80% of their time indoors and are exposed to indoor air pollutants. The unfavorable respiratory effects range from sore throat coughs sneezes and increased number of asthma attacks. Children’s breath faster than adult and hence they intake and absorb more contaminants as compared to adults. Proper awareness of indoor air pollution and its control will help control these diseases. It is essential to protect people from the harmful effects of air pollutants with the help of effective control measures. Children’s exposure to diesel particles should be decreased. In case, these preventive steps are not possible, it’s necessary to have a Sharp Air Purifier that will kill airborne viruses including H1N1/H5N1 virus, and also reduce allergens triggering asthma.

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