Rita Enterprise

Lead the World in Essentials for a Better Life

Rita Enterprise was introduced on January 27th 1997. Through an in-depth research of our market sectors and working closely with our clients, we have developed a delightful market environment that offers economical equilibrium to the patrons. The innovative quality management solutions provided by Rita Enterprise enable cost optimization and diversification.

Rita Enterprise aims to be the best when it comes to cleaning supplies and office solutions in India. We combine our energy for work with our passion for life. Our customers are the most valuable possession and we value meeting commitments made to them. With the foundation that is based on honesty, dedication, devotion and trustworthiness Rita Enterprise is etching a refulgent future ahead.



We continue our heritage on honesty, integrity and courageously doing the right thing.



We take ownership for our business and our future


We are committed to new ideas that add value.


We respect each other and care for the communities where we live and work.

We also understand our responsibility to make a positive contribution to the people we serve around the globe. Our sustainable practices support a healthy planet and build stronger communities to ensure our business thrives for decades to come.

From restaurants and hotels to power and manufacturing facilities, Rita’s sales-and-service associates, the industry’s largest and best-trained direct sales-and-service force, help customers solve their cleaning, sanitizing and water and energy management challenges. Many of the country’s most recognizable brands rely on Rita to help ensure operational efficiencies, product integrity and brand reputation.

The way people get things done is changing.

The line between work and life is blurring. We have solutions to keep your teams productive, connected and inspired, wherever and whenever.

. It’s not about just ordering supplies anymore. It’s about discovering better ways to get the job done. It takes more than the right products to be successful. Let’s talk about how much we can take off your plate.
Where we work inspires how we work. We’ll help you create an environment that reflects your company’s personality and your team’s work style. Let’s get creative and watch the big ideas light up.

Brand Value

We’re inspired by what’s beyond essential

Brand values are what we stand for and believe in, they act as our guiding principles and set the standard for how our brand should behave in the world.

We believe in being disciplined entrepreneurs

We’re tireless in our pursuit of the new and next idea. Our never ending spirit and continued determination is what drives us to be better than we were the day before, we meet challenges head on, we raise the bar every day and we win.

We believe in being courageously caring

We care about our people, our partnerships, our customers, our planet and the promises we make. Care is embedded in everything we do and everything we believe.

Lead the World in Essentials for a Better Life

Billions of people choose our products each day to make a positive difference in their lives. That’s a big responsibility and one we take seriously

Aligning ourselves with the best clients

We provide our clients with high quality service

We are proud of providing our services to customers in various fields such as, Pharmacy, Banks, PSU’s, FMCG, Educational Institute, Hotels & Consultancies etc.