Oxygen Bleaching and Destainer

Item Code : 1758300
Product Application : Tea Coffee Stain Remover
Pack size : 8 x 1.75 Lb

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Dip-It XP is a stable oxygen bleaching agent designed to remove food stains from melamine dinnerware, chinaware and metal surfaces.


  • Safe on plastic, China and metal surfaces
  • Reduces dish and equipment replacement costs
  • Destaining action remains powerful in hard or soft water


1. For general cleaning: Dissolve 1.5 rounded tablespoons of Dip-It XP per gallon of water, keep solution hot (60-70 ̊C). Immerse dinnerware and let soak until stains are removed.
2. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water or cycle through the dish machine.
3. For Destaining Coffee and Tea makers (Automatic Fill) Insert coffee filter into basket and measure 1.5 tablespoons of Dip-It
XP into filter/per one gallon. Run brew cycle-twice if necessary. Flush with clear water until solution is clear.
Note: if coffee maker is made of aluminum, dissolve Dip-It XP in another container first. Allow solution to settle – then pour only clear
solution into coffee maker. Undissolved Dip-It XP may etch or discolor aluminum.