Glove Kleenguard G10 Flex BN L 100X10 9.5″

KleenGuard™ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) enables rather than inhibits – allowing for maximum productivity and safety for you and your employees. When you need a thin mil glove to help protect without sacrificing productivity, KleenGuard™ G10 Flex Blue Nitrile Gloves is a great choice. Suitable for general purpose applications (as in painting, automotive and small parts handling, and precision electronic assembly) and food handling, these blue nitrile gloves are 2.0 mil thick and 9.5” inches long. They are touch screen compatible, powder-free, ambidextrous and are not made with natural rubber latex, so they reduce concern for people with Type 1 Latex allergies. With their signature blue color, the KleenGuard™ G10 Flex Blue Nitrile Gloves comply with FDA regulations for materials used in food contact applications. These blue nitrile gloves are a leading choice across a variety of industries because they are comfortable to wear, provide excellent tactile sensitivity and deliver reliable protection for the task at hand.

  • These powder-free, ambidextrous gloves can be used when handling food handling, per U.S. FDA regulations; More durable and better fitting than vinyl.
  • Textured fingertips give technicians dexterity and control when performing delicate tasks, are touch screen compatible are not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Beaded cuffs prevent roll-down and help alleviate concerns of contamination, making them a protective glove for sensitive tasks

SIZE : 9.5”/L | COLOUR : Blue
Availability :
Package Dimensions
Quantity per Pack : 100 gloves/pack
Quantity per Case : 10 packs/case
Case Count : 10 x 100 Nos
Base Product code : 38521


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