Grill Cleaner Plus (25 Kgs)

Heavy Duty Degreaser

Item Code : 1003020
Product Application : Grill Cleaner
Pack size : 4 x 5 Litres

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Grill Cleaner Plus is a specialized blend of synthetic detergents, alkali builders and sodium hydroxide. It is an odorless, yellow liquid. It is effective for cleaning caked-on grease and carbon from stoves, ovens, hoods, grill and other kitchen equipment.

Not recommended for soft metals such as aluminum.

Work Fast
High-performance formula quickly cuts through, baked-on soils.
Quickly cuts through caramelized and burnt on/baked-on soils.
Powerful Gel
Clinging gel formula provides 100% surface contact and eliminates
messy drips and waste.
Environmentally friendly
Non butly formula.
No Fumes
Advanced design eliminates unpleasant fumes and misting for a safe
work environment.

Wear rubber gloves and long sleeves garments when using this product.
1. Spray Grill Cleaner Plus onto the surface to be cleaned.
2. Allow Grill Cleaner Plus to penetrate grease deposits for 15 minutes.
3. Wipe out dissolved and loosened grease with a damp cloth.
4. Rinse with clear water.