Liquid Supra (25 Kgs)

Liquid Machine Warewashing Detergent

Item Code : 1005020
Product Application : Liquid Dishmachine Detergent
Pack size : 4 x 5 Litres

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Free-Rinsing Detergent Removes Soils Fast Sequesters mineral hardness in the wash water and holds it in suspension to help recent film on flatware. Special detergent agents hold food soils in suspension so that they can be flushed away in the rinse cycle. Superior cleaning results in the wash cycle hoop remote free rinsing.

Low Temperature Effectiveness Cuts Costs
Formulated specifically to compensate chemically for reduced washing temperatures. Energy costs are reduced without compromising excellence in results. It is formulated for controlled use in automatic liquid detergent dispensing systems, which further reduces costs.

Improves Results in Hard Water
Ideal for modern batch-type and recirculating spray warewashing machines. Formulated to work effectively at the increased hydraulic wash pressure found in low temperature machines. Use where water hardness is up to 12 grains or where heavy soil loads are encountered.

1. Your Ecolab specialist will install an appropriate dispenser and adjust it to automatically dispense the proper amount of product for your dishmachine and water conditions.
2. When the Liquid Supra container is empty, load a new container by removing the pick-up tube from the old container and placing it in the new container.