Regain NF

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner & Floor Finish Stripper

Item Code : 1047020
Product Application : Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner
Pack size : 4 x 5 Litres

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Regain NF is a heavy-duty cleaner and low suds stripper, whichpenetrates, emulsifies and dissolves tough soils. Ideal for use in selfpropelled auto scrubbers.
Regain NF cuts through soil and grime, oil and grease, wax film andsoap scum. It can be used for daily floor scrubbing on quarry tile, concrete or other hard surfaces. Not recommended as a daily maintenance cleaner for floors with wax or synthetic finishes.


  • Sprayable for easy application.
  • Removes floor finish quickly and easily.
  • Use on any strippable floor finish. Easily removes waxy buildups in corners and low traffic areas.
  • Use on glass, aluminum, concrete, sealed wood, quarry tile, metal ducts, grills and machinery.

For daily floor scrubbing, for cleaning concrete quarry tile or other hard surface floors not protect with synthetic finishes or waxes.
1. Mix 8-16 ml of Regain NF per 1 L of water.
2. Apply with sprayer or mop. Use a brush or bristled push broom on stubborn soils.
3. Pick up solution using a mop dipped in clean water and allow to air dry.