Rinse Dry (21 Kgs)

High Performance Rinse Additive and Drying Agent

Item Code : 1006020
Product Application : Liquid Dishmachine Rinse Aid
Pack size : 4 x 5 Litres

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Rinse Dry is an additive used for rapid sheeting action which allows dishes to dry then evaporation. Multi-surfactant promotes rapid sheeting and spot-free drying on all types of ware. It eliminates unsanitary hand
toweling and contains a defoamer to improve operating efficiency of the dish machine.


  • Highly concentrated surfactant formula delivers spotless glassware and silverware
  • Fast drying action saves time and space
  • Defoaming agent increases dish machine efficiency and eliminates troublesome foam; makes water jets more effective at removing food soil
  • Effective on plastic
  • Concentrated formula reduces drying time on all types of ware, even plastics

Use only with Ecolab automatic rinse injectors system.
Do not let the injector run dry while the machine is operation.

Your Ecolab Specialist will install an appropriate dispenser and adjust it
to automatically dispense the proper amount of product for your dishmachine and water conditions.

When Rinse Dry container empty, replace new container by remove its pick-up tube from the old container