Sanitizing Wash N Walk

No-Rinse Floor Cleaner/Sanitizer

Item Code : 6100731
Product Application : Floor Cleaner & Sanitizer
Pack size : 2.5 GAL

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Sanitizing Wash ‘n Walk is a no-rinse cleaner/sanitizer that can be used to manage kitchen floors and drains. This single product does the job of 4 other products (floor cleaner, floor sanitizer, drain cleaner, and drain sanitizer) and cuts the steps for floor and drain sanitization in half.

Enzymatic floor cleaner specifically formulated to cut kitchen grease

  • Proven to increase coefficient of friction when proper cleaning
  • procedures are followed thereby reducing risk of slips and falls
  • EPA registered sanitizer that reduces 99.9% of E. Coli, Listeria, Salmonella and Staphylococcus*
  • Food Safety: helps reduce cross contamination by killing pathogens at their source
  • Helps eliminate malodor causing bacteria
  • Sustainability: cold water and no-rinse cleaner contributes to energy, water and labor savings

For floors and other non food contact hard surfaces
1. Dilute Sanitizing Wash ‘n Walk through the Ecolab dispensing system
2. Apply to surface to be cleaned
3. Scrub with deck brush
4. Allow solution to sit for 5 minutes
5. Mop up or squeegee excess to drain
6. Allow to air dry, do not rinse

For floor drains
1. Fill foam tank 3/4 full with pre-diluted solution from dispenser of Sanitizing Wash ‘n Walk
2. Using foam applicator, fill drains with diluted Sanitizing Wash ‘n Walk
3. Apply enough foam ensuring S-traps have been completely filled
4. Allow solution to sit for 5 minutes
5. Allow to air dry, do not rinse