Scott Gentle Lotion Skin Cleanser 1lX6

Scott liquid soap prrovides quality solutions for needs across many industry segments – from hospitals to schools office buildings to retail stores.
Satisfyinf user needs: Wide product choices available from everyday frequent use to ultra and anti- bacterial hand cleansers

    User Satisfaction : pH balance with floralfragrance.

  • Fragrance options: Perfumed and non-perfumed fragrance formulations available.
  • Hygiene: Unlike bulk soap,each refill is hygenically vacuum sealed prior to use, preventing contamination.
  • Easy maintenance : Each new refill weight comes in an easy format which leaves nodript and no mess blind

SIZE : 95X95X175 mm | COLOUR : Pink
Availability :
Package Dimensions
Quantity per Case : 6 units/case
Case Count : 06 x 1 Ltr
Base Product code : 30908


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