Solid Power Xl

Concentrated Solid Rinse Additive

Item Code : 6100185
Product Application : Solid Dishmachine Detergent
Pack size : 4 x 9 Lb

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50% more concentrated for more dishes!
99.7% phosphate and phosphorus free!


  • Highly concentrated for high performance cleaning power
  • Automatic dispensing system assures optimum product concentration to give best result at the lowest use cost
  • Solid form reduces waste and storage spec, prevents spillage and misuse
  • Employee safety assured by “hand off” solid dispenser system

Use only with Ecolab dispensing system. Store and use only at room temperature
1. Your Ecolab Specialist will install a Power Activator dispenser and adjust it to automatically dispense the proper amount of product. The recommended use dilution is 0.3 – 1.5 grams Solid Power XL per 1 liter
of water.
2. Open the cover of the dispenser, then carefully remove the empty capsule from the dispenser and turn upright to avoid spills. Immediately close tightly the old capsule with the new cap.
3. Replace it with a new capsule by holding the grip at the bottom of the capsule. The capsule in the dispenser should be with the open end down.
4. Replenish the capsule when the alarm sounds and the “empty product” light flashes.

Ecolab specialist will set the dosage according to the soil levels.