Super Klene Plus

Machine Warewashing Detergent

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Pack size : 25 LT

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Super Klene Plus is a liquid automatic dishmachine detergent with highalkaline formula that is effective in light, medium, and heavy soil conditions. It strips away heavy grease, protein, and starch food soils that ordinary detergents can miss.

In addition to its application in machine dishwashing, Super Klene Plus provides excellent results in machine warewashing applications. It removes food, soil, glassware haze, and even hard-to-remove lipstick stains.

Super Klene Plus is automatically dispensed from Ecolab dispenser at ratio 1.37 – 4.0 ml Super Klene Plus per 1 liter of water and will be automatically injected into the wash cycle of ware washing machine.

Warewashing machine
1. Your Ecolab Specialist will install an appropriate dispenser and adjust it to automatically dispense the proper amount of product for your dish machine and water conditions.

2. When the Super Klene Plus container is empty, load a new container by removing the pick-up tube from the old container and placing it in the new container.