All Purpose Cleaner

Concentrated Liquid General Cleaner

Item Code : 1042020 | 1027030
Product Application : Multi Purpose Cleaner
Pack size : 4 x 5 Litres | 30 LT

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All Purpose Cleaner is a concentrated liquid, general purpose cleaner.

Saves Time and Labor

  • Excellent wetting agent action – help assure quick penetration on food soils.
  • Easy to use – leaves equipment shiny and spot free
  • Produces a high stable foam for removing normal soil loads.

Reduces Costs and inventories

  • Works in all water conditions – no additional additives needed.
  • Versatile – cleans all types of surfaces, including glass, plastic, metal and painted.
  • Economical use concentration.

Environmentally Responsible

  • Non-phosphated, helps minimize sewage effluent surcharges.