Concentrated Solid Detergent for Manual Warewashing

Item Code : 1730100
Product Application : Manual Pot & Pan Detergent
Pack size : 4×5 LB

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Solitaire is ready when you need it. Just push the button to dispense exactly the right amount. No measuring or pouring by hand, no spillage, no waste. Your manual warewashing operation will be cleaner, more convenient and more sufficient.

Solitaire is a mild solution, uses a unique combination of surfactants to penetrate and loosen food soils. This low-alkaline approach is easier on the hands than higher alkaline alternatives. Apparently long lasting suds
immediately, letting you know that it’s ready to handle your dirtiest pots, pans and utensils. And long-lasting suds signal long-lasting cleaning power; eliminating sink refills and saving you time and money

– Solid control and convenience for manual pot and pan washing
– Individually adjusted dispensing system eliminates costly over-use
– Push-button convenience eliminates measuring, pouring, waste and spillage
– Super-concentrate solid formula provides maximum cleaning power
– Low alkaline formula is easy on the hands
– Generous suds that last and last
– Compact form saves space and handling